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Agnes Johnson

I came to the Lord the Lord in the year 1976.  I was a former Roman Catholic.  From childhood I had a desire for the Lord.  I had dreams about the coming judgment and also I once dreamt about the Lord choosing people, but He told me that my time was not yet. 

I met my husband one month after I got saved.  That day he gave a scripture verse from Daniel 11:32 which says, "the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits" (KJV).  We got married December 17, 1977. 

In 1982 we moved into a new community where the Lord started using us as a family.  We were called into homes to do prayer and Bible study.  Anyone who got sick or demon-possessed they would call for the Johnsons. 

We were called to an area Nestor Village, Sangre Grande where there was a woman who was demon possessed for 19 years.  She was delivered and we began a Bible study at her house.  This ministry would eventually grow to our present church.

    Morris Johnson


I came to know the Lord in the year 1962 at the age of seven years.  It was at the car park in San Fernando on the day of Gloria Saturday and the preacher was evangelist Paul Olson. 

Since then my love for the Lord has grown and my desire to serve Him in every way possible.  I always had a passion for the lost and working the works of the Lord.  In the church where I attended I became the youth president and we were involved in street meetings, all night prayer, etc. 

Even while working at the fire department, my desire to serve the Lord grew.  During that time, the officer in charge came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and also his household.  Since then we have seen many thousands of people come to faith in Jesus Christ as a result of our ministry in the area of deliverance.  People from different parts of the country and other islands would attend these services. 

In 1985 Morris Cerullo World Evangelism came to Trinidad, West Indies at the Hilton Hotel in Port of Spain.  There he conducted a school of ministry affirming the call of God upon his lives with the scripture "what must we do that we might do the works of God?" (John 6:28).  From that time our lives have never been the same. 

The vision of our ministry is to reach the lost by every possible means, edify the body of Christ, and restore those who wander away from God.


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Dr Morris Cerullo and his wife Theresa Cerullo (on the right) presenting an award to Pastor's Morris and Agnes Johnson.



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